Anybody else facing windows issues?

Since a week or 2, I have been facing some issues with my windows 10 laptop. I suspect it’s a virus, since the laptop was only purchased last year, but I don’t know for sure, McAfee’s scans seem to say everything is safe, and don’t know what to do if it is. So, there’s lots of things: -

  1. The other day, my account somehow got signed out of onedrive, and until I signed in again, nothing was there.
  2. When I just opened my laptop(rn), I noticed that the icons size had changed, and my laptop background and everything looked like how it had looked when I had first opened it.
  3. My laptop overheats relatively quickly sometimes these days and sometimes doesn’t overheat after hours of usage.
  4. The camera doesn’t switch on at times and randomly switches on at other times. (I have a privacy shutter so if any )
  5. When I opened my laptop, McAfee told me “We scanned ie4uinit before you opened it, and it is secure to open”, or something along those lines, although I opened nothing and my laptop had just been switched on. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal and it seemed secure.
  6. When I just opened my laptop, it told me “User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded” a few times before I could actually load the pc. Right now I am signed out of onedrive.
  7. Sometimes my browser starts out fresh, and I have to login again wherever I was previously logged in, I assume it has to do with windows updates.
  8. I had myself manually created a file and then compiled it using MinGW, and then run it, and McAfee stopped it saying that it’s a virus although I had made it manually, this makes me suspicious whether McAfee is even working properly in the first place.
  9. My browser freezes when the rest of my PC seems to be working, I installed Brave for reducing the network traffic, but brave also freezes at times.

I suspect some of it might have to do with Windows updates, since microsoft updates windows extremely frequently, also, it could have to do with me experimenting with various IDE’s and hence overheating my laptop because of installing them(I seem to have settled on VS Code and Brackets). I don’t know how many issues are valid, but yes. But it seems to be too many issues. Also, I have an i3 laptop, and I use my laptop a lot for programming, so it overheats, that could also be an issue, but there seems to be way too many issues.

The fault could be from my side too, but I don’t think I have downloaded much suspicious stuff. But I think there’s some things I want to be careful of : -

  1. I downloaded the pdf files of a few programming books(deleted them)
  2. I installed brackets IDE from their github page even after adobe stopped supporting it.(uninstalled it)

Please let me know how can I fix these issues and if the odds are that I have a virus. I have given all the details I could.

To prevent overheating, I just got a laptop stand which was designed for providing enough air-flow. But I got it today a few hours ago and some issues were after I got it(I did mention which ones were just now in the post) directly when I opened the PC, they couldn’t have to do with overheating.

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