Anybody familiar with coding indicators?

Hello everybody ,

Is there anybody who is familiar with coding indicators ?

Asking this for i got ideas on how to use existing data to get it converted into comprehensible interpreted(predefined)strategies if you wish (to build sound strategies upon them).
Interested person may always let me know.Asking this in here, since personnaly got no coding knwoledge whatsoever.


Have fun all!

What do you mean by coding indicators?

Coding certain sets of conditions. If this and this , then that.

Intrigued by indicators, why ? Last 3 years digging deep in a lot of trading videos . For i know most of them are lagging indicators(meaning they represent the past , not the future, but you can deduce some great info on them in my opinion).

What i would like is /are (somebody/some) persons who know how to handle this.

If you know anyone who could be interested, please let me know.


And it is not on the trading i’d like to see the indicators, it is in the soccer betting field where i see lots of similarities.

What I think you’re talking about is intelligent systems, you want to take some conditions and make predictions? What I think you want to do is hard, there are tools to do it, Tensorflow for example. Prolog is very simple and does what you want but you need to code every single condition (,

This thread is relevant: Discussion on Data Science and Machine Learning Curriculum

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for your reply ! Much appreciated !

Indeed what i would like is indeed not easy , but think there’s lots of possibilities.

There are several databases with existing data on soocer outcomes of games wordwide continously fully updated .

Got this web developer friend who is busy building his own 150 Gb ( and growing ) database wih unique filtering possible.

The condition setting is so various( personal preference). …

I’ll continue later gotta go for now.

Talk later, thanks.have fun !