Anybody use a gaming keyboard for coding? :P

The reason I ask is that with some keyboards you can have per-key lighting.

So you can light up all the special coding keys like a semi-colon or the different types of brackets.

I got a new keyboard today with this ability and thinks it pretty cool. :rofl:

Keep on coding tribe!

I did get one recently, but only because I’d spilled water on my laptop and the only number keys that worked were 5 and 6…makes coding pretty hard when you can’t login to your computer or type parenthesis. I only got one that has a backlight so I can see what I’m writing in the dark!

Per-key custom lighting would be pretty cool, but that might be an arduino/Rpi project one day further down the road.

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I got a mechanical keyboard with backlit LED lights last January (exactly the same model as the Corsair gaming keyboard, but I didn’t pay 2x the price Corsair charges).

I like the mechanical feel, and the LED lights make it easier to see. (It has various lighting effects, but I just setup mine to stay permanently on white color) :slight_smile:

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I don’t use gaming keyboards but I use fully-programmable mechanical keyboards. Some of mine are backlit and some of them aren’t. Currently I mostly use a Diverge and a Winkeyless X.87 at home and I’m impatiently waiting for my K-Type. Unfortunately, my new job does not allow me to bring in my own keyboard, but I may soon be asking them to get me something like an ErgoDox due to shoulder issues.

Was looking into getting one, but settled on the Matias Ergo Pro and just got one off of eBay. It’s taking some time to get used to the split style, but it’s nice so far.

I had no idea before I started looking into them that there was a whole culture of keyboard enthusiasts online. Like the mechanical keyboard subreddit and youtube channels like this one with reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh you guys in the USA are just showing off haha. Nice keyboards tho.

It’s not just bling, though the backlit keys helps :slight_smile:

After so many years, my fingers hurt from typing using non-mechanical keyboard. It’s like jamming your fingers against a hard surface all day. There’s no good feedback response so you tend to smash each key hard.

With mechanical keys, I can touch-type fast with very light pressure on the keys. The hard click/sound also gives good feedback and there’s no need to keep pushing through. Your fingers can be gliding on the surface instead of jamming down hard on each key. Light pressure is now just needed.

Per key lighting? Well I tend not to look at the keys when typing so I don’t see the point of this “feature”.
PS. On one of my machines I have a gaming keyboard but it’s no better to use than the others.

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I think that I would only use per-key lighting on my macro layers to remind myself which keys are active on that layer.

I needed to replace my old keyboard recently and since I type a lot, I wanted to get something nice so I got a WASD CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard with White LED Backlighting with Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches. With the o-rings I got for it, it’s also quieter than my old one.

This isn’t so much a gaming keyboard, as a typers keyboard. It feels quite nice. The keys are perfectly shaped and spaced and the mechanical action is divine. The individually backlit keys are nice, though I don’t think it is programmable the way you’re describing.

Was it worth $150? I guess if you do a lot of typing, then the even a slight increase in ease can be a good thing.