Anybody working on FCC while travelling?

Hey Campers,

Is there anybody out there who is working on FCC while travelling/backpacking?

If so I have a few questions for you :smile:

Did you stay certain places longer in order to get through some work?
How was internet access?
Was it difficult/easy top avoid distractions where you stayed?
What were the challenges/rewards?

I’m hoping to continue learning while I travel South America this summer.

Hey @collinstommy,

I’m only a year late in my reply here, but you know, better late than never!

I’ve been travelling full-time for around 3 years now, working as a freelance developer and I’ve been working through freeCodeCamp in total for a couple of months.

Did you stay certain places longer in order to get through some work?

Definitely! In the beginning, I would move around every week but this makes it extremely difficult to be productive. Nowadays, I tend to stay in each place for at least a month, normally two where possible.

And even with staying in a place this long, I still find that the first week I arrive I’m nowhere near as productive as I normally am. I think this is just down to settling in, and getting used to how to navigate the city, where to eat and buy groceries etc…

How was internet access?

I’ve never really had an issue with Internet access. Even when I’ve been in countries where Internet is not as reliable as others, I’ve found that there’s always at least a couple of coffee shops where I can get a good connection. And it never hurts to pick up a local sim card with data when you can as a backup.

Was it difficult/easy to avoid distractions where you stayed?

Moving to new places constantly is going to provide a lot of distractions, but at the same time, if you were to simply work from home you’d be surrounded by distractions too. I think it comes down to having a good level of self discipline.

What were the challenges/rewards?

It’s an extremely fulfilling way to live. I love that I’m able to experience new cultures every single month, and earn a good living while doing so. I feel very lucky to have had so many experiences in every country I’ve visited.

How did your trip around South America go? I’d be eager to hear your responses after having travelled. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply @joehcooper.

The trip was amazing and in the end I decided to not bring a laptop. I got some advice on reddit and the general consensus was that it would be difficult to get work done.

I did 3 months through Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. Would have had no time to code! I’m glad I didn’t bring one. I don’t think it suits back packing and moving quickly.

It sounds like your pace was much better. I might try something life than in the future. I ended up finishing the front end cert when I returned home and got a job around the same time.

The biggest issue is quality of internet connection, at some countries like Egypt and Tunisia it is awful. I would precise this moment before travelling, even some hotels which claim they have decent wi-fi provide with low speed, unfortunately. To work and travel in Europe, for example, is easy, I met a lot of guys who code remotely like I do.