Anyone able to advice on landing developer jobs in Australia?

I’ve recently started looking for entry level jobs (while still learning new tech) and realised employers are very particular with their skill and experience requirements.

I won’t use the word “hopeless” but it does feel rather depressing…

Hi @gaac510 !

If you look through the #career advice section on the forum you will find that people all around the world struggle to land that first job. This isn’t just an issue in australia.

Well, it is because they can.
There is a huge number of people interested in getting their first developer job and employers realize that.

So they can be as strict as they want because they hold all of the cards.
It would be different if no one was applying for junior position and they were having to hunt people down for the job.
But that isn’t the case.

I feel like if you meet a lot of the requirements for the job, just apply anyway.

I would suggest you share your resume and portfolio with the forum so you can get feedback on how to improve it and that would help land you interviews.

I just a hobbyist right now, but when I start applying for jobs I will probably face the same struggles.

My main advice is to just learn as much as you can about the job process.
I have learned a lot just through advice in the #career section, FCC news articles and online meetups.

Every little bit of information helps :grinning:


@jwilkins.oboe Thanks so much for the detailed reply.

Maybe I’m too impatient at this early stage. I’ll go learn a bit more before complaining again :joy:

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