Anyone attended a local FCC meetup?

After some talk in our local Las Vegas chapter FCC group on facebook we have our “first” meeting planned for this evening. Quotations because I believe there have been past meetups arranged through the facebook group, but nobody that attended those meetings is around any more or interested in coming to this one. Our event is sort of a spur of the moment thing and we have no plans or expectations for how the meetup will pan out.

I’m curious if anyone has arranged or attended an FCC meetup in their area and if so, how it went?

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Hey man how did the meet up go? Did you guys end up doing it ?

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It went very well! We had 5 people show up which I thought was good for the short notice about the meetup. Everybody was on very different levels of programming experience. One person had only found out about FCC the day prior and one person had their front end certification.

We all learned a lot from talking with one another about the steps we’ve taken so far and the steps we plan to take on our programming journey. We’re going to continue to have the meetings and I think it will result in invaluable connections that could greatly influence our careers!

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That’s awesome! It’s unique that you all are at difference levels of coding! That will definetly open opportunity for some to teach and some to search which are great things! Keep up the great work and happy coding :smile: