Anyone can give me best advice please?

Hello everyone, I am not sure this is the right place to discuss it but I am so confused for two days.
Actually recently I have completed javascript algorithms and data structure certification from a freecodecamp and I want to say thank so much @freecodecomp .
So next I want to learn to react but I am confused about where should I learn react .

  1. should I buy online courses of react?
  2. should I learn it from youtube?
  3. Or learn from freecodecamp will be enough for me?

I want to go with one in all of them and never want to west my time because I lost my job last month.
and by the I have 1.5 year experience on web develpment using html css and javaScript & wordpress.

Please give me your suggestions .
Thank you my freecodecamp faimly.

where should I learn react .

Why not all of these?

FreeCodeCamp will walk you through key aspects of React but is known for being somewhat outdated. For example FCC will not go over React hooks, as they weren’t released at the time of the curriculum was produced.

This thinking can apply to really any resource you plan on using. React doesn’t change too much, but referring to newer courses/resources and guides will shed light on newer approaches supported.

That said, if you have pre-existing HTML/CSS/JS skills and preexisting experience you should be able to learn and pick up things more quickly.

I’d also consider going through the on-boarding documentation React providers. React by itself isn’t very complex, but its only when you start combining multiple aspects do you start needing more help.

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