Anyone can help?

any help to solve this problem? i got stuck…
maybe its ridiculus but i cant

Use if - else statement to check the conditions for a and b and use return accordingly.

The existing code is all fine, you are simply adding code between the

// Only change code below this line

if(/* how do you write a block that checks if a OR b are less than zero? */){
  return /* What are you to return if that check fails? */

// Only change code above this line

I got stuck on that too

I solve it.
If(a<0||b<0) {return " ";}
else …
This is the code

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Well, close. Instead of return "", they ask that you return undefined; – undefined is a recognized javascript value for “no value at all”.

Thank you my friend for your help!

Can anyone help me with the lesson before: Replacing If Else Chains with Switch. Thank you