Anyone care to check out my new Portfolio on GitHub Pages?

I just finished my new portfolio and uploaded it today. I’m pretty pleased with it overall, but I still feel like I might be missing something, hence the request for help from you fine gentlemen and ladies.

I tried to keep the animation to a tasteful amount as I think too much is tacky (think PowerPoints with tons of “whoosh” and “zoom”). Framework used was Foundation, which I really, really liked overall.

Please let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!


Also, I still need to make it fully responsive, so it might not look great on a phone.

Also changed the color scheme a little on the portfolio section.

Nice portfolio! I see you’ve progressed quote far on FCC, awesome! +1 for hosting on gh-pages!!


  • Perhaps you could use bootstrap’s .container class to better contain the content. Some of the content is riding up too close to the left side of the screen.

  • The mobile navbar could user some work. I’d recommend implementing bootstrap’s mobile navbar for the time being. The hamburger could appear on the right hand side instead of the left and the nav links could be appear as a vertical list. In addition, the active class could be more distinguishing. Lastly, maybe try adding scrollspy to set active classes when people scroll over each section.

  • The skills section could be reduced into two or three rows on mobile. The large list of skills currently results in a lot of scrolling for mobile users.

  • Adding a profile picture would be nice.

  • The social media links could be reduced in size and displayed side by side on one row. In addition, they could be reduced in size even further for mobile users. In addition, hover styles/animations would be a nice touch.

  • The branding area is not aligned with the nav links on medium+large screens.

  • There’s some white space on the far right that needs to be trimmed out.

  • The section titles could be centered.

Here’s a link to my portfolio, in case you were curious as to what mine looked like.

Yeah, I gave you more suggestions than I usually give people. But this is largely due to the fact that you have more experience than others, so I believe these fixes should be no problem for you. Keep up the amazing work! I look forward to seeing the improved version. :smile_cat:


I think it looks very good. You have a great Portfolio, and I like the way you measure your skill level. as well as the sliders for that section.

The link to FreeCodeCamp in the About section takes me to a 404 page.

I did have some issues with connecting to your voting app (each of the 3 tries led to a different page.)

Overall, it has a good feel to it. And user navigation throughout was smooth.

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It looks great, well done!

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Thanks for the suggestions and kind words! I went through and implemented most of them (a lot were necessary to make it look good on mobile :slight_smile: ).

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the hamburger menu on the right. I’ll have to keep looking in to it. Foundation is a little different from Bootstrap, but overall, I like it much better.

Good work on your portfolio as well! I also kinda sorta stole your parallax background idea, as I really liked the look.

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Thanks a ton! Appreciate you looking at it for me. I fixed the 404, and I’m not sure why the voting app was doing that.

I did implement a “code” and “play” button (as you saw) on the project dropdown. One leads to the live demo and the other to the code for the project. Not sure where the 3rd different page would have come from though…

Thank you for looking at it for me!

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Apologies for the flood of posts, but one more question: Copyright footer or no? Not really worried about someone using my design, but I didn’t know if it was standard or not.

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@zaclem01 I’m glad it’s coming together. You have done so much to reach this point, your final portfolio should attract a lot of positive attention.
For the hamburger menu, look at Bootstrap css And Bootstrap js (a lot of people forget the js). I think you’ll find the answers in both…
I’m not sure about the copyright, unless it is your actual website. Many of us on FCC are learning from each other so beyond personality it may be very similar.
However, you should definitely place your name and a link to your site/contact info inside the footer. My pages usually say “Powered by Koni Kodes” with my logo as a link to my current website.

I’d place a copyright footer to look professional, but not really for copyright reasons. Most portfolio/marketing websites follow very similar designs.

I think your portfolio looks great!

@zaclem01 Great work in progress, I like the overall design. I’m not familiar with foundation, I use Bootstrap, I mention that because of the centering issues. Also, in my humble opinion the contact me area and all the icons should be much smaller. I love the look and feel of the weather app, Game of Life has no display after clicking the clear button and restarting. Overall great effort!

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Nice work zaclem01… and Jinrawx…


You’re probably right lol. Those are pretty large icons. I’ll look at reducing some.

Thanks for the advice!

Thank you! Appreciate you look at it.

You’re portfolio is turning out very nicely. I can definitely see the improvements. Great job! :smile_cat:

good job friend, this is my small portafolio


Thank you! Appreciate it, and nice work yourself.