Anyone do Wordpress work? How is it?

Searching on Upwork I found this number of results:

javascript 1,183
php 847

react 262
wordpress 2350

For freelancing it seems Wordpress is a 10x bigger market. I understand pay can be lower but I have to go the remote route and the upstart to me is most important. I’m thinking of refocusing on Php/Wordpress as a result.

Anyone do wordpress dev? Is it easier to get freelance gigs? Is the work less interesting or about the same as react?

If you use Upwork or fiverr, you won’t make money. It’s a race to the bottom.

Instead, approach local businesses in your area to do their website, or a redesign, you’ll likely to get more money for the same work. + you’re building a network of customers and word of mouth referral.

I plan to use it as a launchpad only. If I wasn’t an expat in Thailand I would have gone local but this tilts me towards doing small gigs. I have a good amount of savings though