Anyone else studying clojure/clojurescript? or any othe lisp?

I’m enjoying my time with clojure so far having worked thru the first half of Living Clojure and half of the Clojure Brave and True books.

Going thru an Om Next tutorial at the moment taht is making my head spin.

Hi, zcassini,

I like newLisp, for me it was the most pleasant language to write scripts in. I also started to learn Clojure some time ago and want to come to use ClojureScript.

If I understand correctly, ClojureScript supports macroses so it is possible to create custom DSLs (domain-specific languages), imho one of the most cool stuff possible in programming. But macroses are hardly possible to do in JavaScript. I don’t think eval is good and simple enough for it.

Here, at FreeCodeCamp, I’ve just started the process, going through html and css stuff, but once I will come closer to programs in javascript, why not to incorporate some ClojureScript there? Of course if it’s allowed by the rules of this wonderful course FCC.

HI, i’m reading Clojure for the Brave and True too (just finished the chapter9) , my first impression about Clojure was : what are all this parentheses about .
but i’m starting to love it , i believe that it will be my favorite language alongside with ClojureScript ( which i will start learning after mastering Clojure and the FP mindset ) .
zcassini you are brave because you jumped to Om, (is the book title about you ? lol)

Great to hear, there are a few of us in the FCC gitter that enjoy clojure, so if you have any questions feel free to ask there. You could ask me here if you want, but I slack on checking here sometimes.

ATactually never used Om, I use Reagent instead. There is a handful of react wrappers. Om next brings some amazing new things though. I need to get into that sometime.

The parens never bothered me at all, I know it does some people at the start though.
Clojure also has threading macros to help clear it up.