Anyone get stuck going over details?

With the projects? It’s so easy to keep going , change a little here and there, add something, or notice how something should have been done entirely different ?
It’s driving me a bit batty :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s part of being a perfectionist I guess.

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Yeah definitely. There’s a nice concept known as Minimal Viable Product.


Yeah, at some point you should move on. They will never be perfect. After you’ve finished the FCC program, I think it’s good to go back and polish up a few showcase pieces. And of course write some whole-cloth. But yeah, looking back at some of my early projects is embarrassing. But that’s part of the process.


Absolutely. I have to remind myself that … I want a “deliverable” to share that people will be able to use, and I’m a rather long way from that, so improving on what is absolutely lousy beginner level stuff … can’t be the priority.
I’m not even a perfectionist :wink:
… but then I tell myself “if it’s horrible code then that’s not so helpful either, is it?”
… but then I tell myself, “okay, but you can invite them to improve on it - it’s all open source…”