Anyone has experience with Freelancing?

Hey guys, I’ve always wondered how difficult would be to get into freelancing.
Personally I had experience with translation but usually my clients were people I’ve know personally “IRL” rather than online, because most of my attempts with sites like freelancer and whats on was pretty stale. Anyone who wanna share their story or some tips? Or not all good
Thanks fellas

@Cody_Biggs Sorry about that, wrote it so fast didn’t realize i actually put down the website!

No worries. It didnt look like you intentionally meant to link it

To answer your question, I’ve had a lot of luck sourcing clients through various Discord communities.


If I may ask, what Discord communities are these?

Honestly, they were completely unrelated non-programming communities that I was active in - they had a need for some work, and I showed them that I could do the work.

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