Anyone here work as a web developer or programmer in the government sector?

I would like to know if the interview process for a web developer/programmer job in the government sector is any different than one in the corporate sector. After a hiatus due to personal issues, I would like to return to being a developer or programmer. I never had a technical interview when I was employed as a programmer for a defense contractor. It seems that technical interviews are mostly used by businesses who want to be the next Google or Facebook. But let me know if I’m wrong.

I haven’t interviewed for a government agency directly, but I’ve interviewed with companies for government contract work that requires security clearance. (I actually had one of those this morning.) The process has been the same as for commercial companies except that they also ask questions about whether I’ll be able to obtain clearance and make it clear that one component of the job is not being able to talk about what I work on.

ETA: Federal government, that is. I interviewed with the city once. Nothing unusual there except the pay sucked.

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