Anyone in the healthcare field?

I really want to work in the healthcare industry and I am starting to wonder if coding and all it entails would actually get me a job in it. Is there anyone here who is in the healthcare industry that can shed light on how technology and health intersect and how I can find that intersection?

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I used to work on software for hospitals (used for billing and insurance claims). A friend of mine works for a company that makes testing equipment for cancer diagnostics.

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How did you your friend get in? Like what credentials? Did he get in because he knew Java, python etc. Thanks for your reply

I am an RN BSN and web developer and I can tell you that to get in healthcare tech is not the best route. Its a plus if you can use the different Electronic medical records, but its not really going to help you get in. The best way to get in a hospital is to take a lower level job (CNA etc, Volunteer) and when they see you doing good work you get hired. best of luck!

He’s a systems tester. I don’t know how much his work is automated testing (which would require a fair amount of programming) versus manual tests.