Anyone interested in pair-programming?

I’ve learned all the required stuff for web development, but I’m having trouble putting it all together. I don’t have it on my tips and I need practice, but I can’t seem to figure out how to go about it. So, anyone interested in making a website with me from scratch?


Hello vg345,
I’m in the same boat. I would be interested in making a website with you. What type of website or any other details can you tell me.

I’m open to ideas. I currently need to build my skills and get used to the whole thing. What do you want to build the website around? Because I was thinking we should find a project that we’d both enjoy.

We could make a website for a fake business, I always wanted to do that type of website. What language would we use, HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

Why fake? And it doesn’t have to be about a business. It could be about books or animals or music or anything you want.
Yes we’d use HTML, CSS and JS. We can make other websites in popular frameworks like React after that, if you’d like.

well lets think of websites we could make together.

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I feel like I’m in the same both as you!
Here is my discord: iTech#5447
What country do you live in btw?
I know HTML, I’m trying to get better at CSS before starting JS.

What is discord? I’m from USA, my name is Amy.

Discord is like skype designed for gamers but we could use it for anything it is pretty convinient to text/talk.

What is discord?
I’m from USA, and you?
My name is Amy, and yours?

i’m also looking for pair programming so i am in i know discord however i mainly use skype.

If we could all do this on GitHub, that will be super cool.
I would love to take part too!

Hi, I’m late but if you have not yet started, we can do together. I’ve 3+ years of experience, but new in react. So trying to learn it.

I have a project for you all then…

I agree with Tchoukoualeu we setup a github repo, we each have our branches.
Collectively we can then decide who would be responsible for which tasks. My skill
is limited with javascript or any of their frameworks however i am good with HTML5
CSS3, BEM & Bootstrap.

This would be a great opportunity to gain attention to employers, we can also connect on linked in.
For git i would suggest not applying the content directly to the master branch, i would create a development branch and below development we have our own independent branches, we work our own branches we then merge it with development once the repo owner is satisfied he the has the responsibility to upload to the master branch. I welcome any other approaches, we can also adopt a KANBAN where we list all the tasks which can be achieved on github.

I would also be interested in doing something with someone. I’m currently going through the projects, having just finished the main courses in the “Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)” curriculum. I have my own URL that I’d purchased, and I’ve done some basic things to it, but I want to learn more. I keep wanting to learn more (Bootstrap, Angular, etc.) but I don’t know when the right time to let go of what’s “good enough” and when to start learning additional things.

Anyone interested in doing a buddy project, let me know. Would be cool if we have the same interests, as well. No intention to hijack this thread, so if appropriate I can start my own, but in any case, I am interested in a group/collaborative project!

Join us on Daily learning sessions and you can find people to pair with on our slack.

hello friends this idea is great i want to learn more by doing real projects. if it is not late than i want to join in your team

what’s the progress or status of the group project? would like to join and practice on some real world projects.

Hi I want to join too I have a little experience as a web developer so I think I could pull my skills with a project like this and also help you all.