Anyone interested in pair-programming?

I’m in Southern California if anybody wants to think of any pair programming projects to do

Am in, do we need a slack, a community environment where we can collaborate and update progress.

@vg345 @amyjane53715 you guy’s can start with responsive single page application for booking tickets. you just need to know html css and basic javascript. for back end RESTFUL web services is fine

sounds wonderful.

i’ve stagnated a little in the last week because of xmas and also wanting to link up with other programmers locally, but the FCC here nearby has stopped doing events :frowning:

Hope to connect with others!

hey folks,

Just wanted to check and see whether there has been any progress on this topic as im still interested.

I didn’t partecipate in the original discussion but I pair program with some people that need one-on-one help

Plus you can check this thread for some groups: