Anyone keeping a blog of their FCC + web development experiences?

If any of you are keeping a blog/writing about your experiences as you learn web development, I’d love to bookmark! Please share. :slight_smile:


Hi, @theecarls. I’m keeping track of my progress as I do my portfolio in a text file. Right now it’s still a draft, but I plan to upload it in GitHub Pages with screenshots after I finish my portfolio.

It’s contents are rather short, but here’s the draft.

EDIT: I’ve finished my portfolio, and hosted my notes on GitHub Pages. I’ll also publish notes for my next projects.


It’s just text, and it’s more or less just a reminder for me so I can look back and see how far I’ve come, but you’re welcome to read along. Each post is usually short and I try to do one every day or so.

At the moment it details my getting to know Angular 2 :slight_smile:

Also, @jinrawx has a good one, but I don’t have the link to hand :slight_smile:


Aye! Thanks for the shoutout @JacksonBates!!

You can find my web development blog at

I mainly discuss web development, self-development stuff, and what I’m currently doing(currently trying to get into App Academy)!

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Hey @theecarls. I started a blog at .
So far I’ve been sharing general thoughts on my learning to code journey and covering some of the front-end algorithms. I plan to extend that into covering the front-end projects and writing about work I complete towards the other certificates too (currently just finished front-end and working on back end cert). Hope you find it useful, feedback welcome… Best of luck! -Jeremy


Awesome, guys! Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be checking all of these out! I’m trying to get into writing, myself, and am interested in seeing the approaches you’re all taking.

@JacksonBates Your blog’s pagination seems to be broken at the moment!

Built from scratch - using ruby on rails - still primitive I think but at least I can get content in :slight_smile:

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i know :slight_smile: The tags are borked too!

I need to dig into the files in the GitHub repo it pulls from to change the base url, but since it’s mostly just for me I’m not in a rush.

If you want to read page two, you can click the link to get to it, and then stick /blog after the .me and before the rest of the url slug.

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I’ve only just started my site/blog but yeah I’m over at I decided to try and get a few freelance clients to build out my portfolio so that’s the slant I’ve put on my site/blog. I used jekyll to for the blog section. It desperately needs styling but, all things in time :wink:


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I am, but I’m not really focused on FCC these days. As you can see in my posts, I have a focus problem =P

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This is great @gionaufal, thanks for sharing! I’m very similar in the ‘focus’ area when it comes to teaching myself to code. :stuck_out_tongue: FCC has definitely been helping with that.

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@theecarls I recently started a blog to keep track of my experiences in programming world, and posted about using github pages to host personal website which I built using what I learned in FCC. I would be writing about RoR, Cloud tech and FCC. Checkout here and say if you like it :slight_smile: :wink:

Not exactly a blog but I would like to record and share peoples solution to Algorithm challenges… I have found that there are many ways to complete one… It would be amazing if people could have one website where they are able to see multiple solutions and really learn and contribute from one challenge.

“This is not a study group or a chat room…” it is a resource and should be bookmarked and visited occasionally :blush:

Please contribute if your solution is different than the one posted or if a room does not have a solution :thumbsup:

If you would like to become a moderator please let me know! :smile:

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That reminds me of codewars, heh.

Mind sharing a link to the website of the bootcamp you are attending? I couldn’t leave a comment on your blog. =[

+1 for using react on earlier projects and +1 for creating a youtube channel. :smile_cat:

@jinrawx the website is I don’t know if it will be of any help, because it’s in São Paulo/Brazil =)

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All gravy! Thanks for sharing! :smile_cat:

Started my website when I’ve decided to start from scratch FCC again. Not really a blog as of now, but a place to share my early Bonfires solutions. I need to update it more frequently :slight_smile: