Anyone know of open source project that needs API documentation?


I will soon be working through the Responsive Web Design Projects including Technical Writing Documentation. I’m also a technical writer and I’d like to use this project as a writing sample. To do this, I need to find a real project somewhere that needs good documentation written (for free). Anyone know of an open source project or non-profit that could use API or other technical documents written?


I am following this project (I love it) and the API documentation would need a revision, it is missing a lot of things. Were you maybe thinking of something a bit less developed or less documented? Well, you have a possibility…

I’m just getting started here, but I would be very interested (time permitting) in assisting with documenting FreeCodeCamp. Where do you see the API documentation and what do you think needs updating?

I have no idea about freecodecamp, it was all referring to the GitHub repo I posted