Anyone needs help with technical documentation?


I’m about to start the 4th project for RWD certification: Build a Technical Documentation Page

But I want to build something useful, maybe related to a real project. So I want to know if anyone is working in a personal project or an open source project that needs a technical documentation page.

I already earned the JavaScript algorithms and data structure certification, and I’m about to finish the React section of the Front end libraries certification.

Besides I want to learn git and github working in a real project, so maybe I can contribute while get the skills to find a job.

I hope you could help me find where to contribute.

fyi, the following are my first three projects:

Hi @andrescaroc, I know you didn’t ask but I took a look at your tribute page and survey form and there are some things that you can clean up in each of them.
Have fun with the tech doc page.

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Hi @Roma,

You are right, you taught me to clean it. I have one issue I couldn’t fix and other one that I don’t understand.

  1. Analyzing html in tribute page, there is an error “The value of the href attribute … must be relative.” searching in codepen documentation it states that “Always link to external assets via fully qualified URLs” as the one I have. So I don’t know how to fix the error.
  1. Analyzing html in Survey Form, it force me to close <option> tag inside the <datalist> form element. I fixed it, but it is confusing as in w3 reference for datalist they don’t close <option> tags.

Thank you again for push me to be a better web designer.

On the topic of this post, could you guide me on how to find open source projects that needs a technical documentation page?