Anyone repeat a section a couple times to grasp it?

For example the basic algorithm section I went through once, but still feel as I didn’t fully grasp everything with objects, slice, functions and etc. I did them with some time and struggle. Like the basic javascript section I will probably have to do again to get stronger at from the 2nd half of it on. I love javascript, but I feel as if I don’t have the foundation down and strong with Objects and loops it will be harder for me later on?

I have already purchased some udemy courses to do hand in hand with FCC. I want to jump into as much as possible and quickly as possible.

Or do you guys think I’m worrying about the basic stuff too much and should move on to the more intermediate and advanced stuff more? LIke API, frontend framework like angular and some back end databases .

Well, yes. But don’t stress about memorizing every single thing. Instead, take good notes that you can easily reference later. You will have trouble with these topics later, but because you’ll see them in different contexts, there’s no amount of studying that is going to prevent your future confusion. Instead, prepare for it.

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In my experience, you should feel confident about a topic before you move on - especially if the topic is fundamental (and loops and objects are pretty fundamental).

If you’ve move too quickly,the pressure of everything you half understand is just going to build up and build up. Much better to go over the basics again - but try a different resource. If you have only studied fCC waypoints, you won’t have a strong foundation. The Udemy courses will likely be much better. And read through Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JavaScript: Up and Going. It will really consolidate your understanding.

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It sounds like you have learned only of FCC … me i had a understanding of the basics prior to joining FCC …
The basics or the fundamentals are very important to understand … its amazing how much you can do with just them. And they are not overly difficult to learn … constantly practicing them makes them stick. So you should be making up things yourself to try them out different ways so they stick in your head … eg make up your own objects and pull information out of them, splitting strings and rejoining them and adding to them … converting strings to arrays etc etc

we are used to working with small objects that are laid out nicely in FCC and accessing them for info … but when you do the weather api and get a object back and need to pull info out of it … if you havent got a good grasp of the basics you are going to struggle … not because you need to do something you havent learned but because it comes in a big block all squashed together and dosent look like what you are used to working with previously.

if you would like a example of one of these objects let me know i have one i practiced on saved on repl

Me personally i tried to get comfortable with all the array, string and object methods listed in mozzila ( this one just show the array methods … and i would say at least 70% i have used a lot and they are not too difficult to learn

So with a strong understanding of string array object you can go a long way … another thing that i found very important was regular expressions … harder to learn but can do so much and you should work on getting good with them

I have worked on my weather api , wikipedia and these only required strong understanding of basics … plus added extra on sending get requests … i have finished my calculator and again didnt need anything other than the basic for this (really surprised thought for the calculator i would need to know some fancy code) …

so up until at least the calc you are still using all the basic stuff you learned so it pays to know this stuff well …

what i would consider more intermediate and advanced is understanding things like closure , call apply and bind … this … lexical scope …

closure we use all the time and might not even realize it until we learn what it is but with a better understanding of it we learn to make more use of it.

lexical scope … again we use it but dont realize it … but learning about it lets us do more with our code and avoid unexpected errors and more

call apply and bind and this … well you probably use … this … already … but a strong understanding of … this … is vital and you should be always be trying to learn more on it

call apply and bind … called the work horses of javascript … Amazingly haven had much need to use them yet … so shows even at my level of understanding javascript I have a long way to go … but i can still do a lot with what i have … which is a solid understanding of the fundamentals

Being studying call apply and bind this week … and they are not too difficult to pick up … and yes they make a big difference … its just the type of coding i have being doing hasn’t required the use of them … but i will look back through some things i have done and see if i just didnt use them because i dint know much about them

But on a final note the basic are really really important … dont rush them … as i said i have done a lot in Fcc (mostly not finished due to lack of design skills lol) but the code that was required to do these projects was using a solid understanding of all the basics.

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