Anyone Tried Microsoft's Q# Yet?

This is really one of those way-down-the-road types of concerns but I’m still curious about it…anyone here actually dabbled in Microsoft’s “new” Q#??

What documentation I have seen doesn’t seem aimed at beginners but I’m curious whether any of us beginners here (not necessarily complete n00bz like me, of course!) have tried it out and what a beginner would think of it.

I can’t even wrap my head around learning to program in a language based on hardware that doesn’t really exist yet but still it’s intriguing!

is it for IOT i wonder?

No, it’s Microsoft’s newly created language for programming quantum computers!!!

So I was just wondering whether anyone here’s fiddled with it and how there could be a language for hardware that’s yet to be created (or finalized), really…

Can’t wait for FCC to incorporate Q# one day next year or so! :wink: