Anyone tried tutoring?

I’m having troubles learning a newer material which isn’t covered in any online course.
Have you had any experience with learning with a tutor? How did you find them?

You can get access to expert help and advice for free here. This forum contains many software engineers and professional educators.

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Learning with a tutor is better than learning with an online course since you get more help, but it’s slower paced and costs more.

Have you tried using chatgtp? Just make an account on open ai. It’s free. Maybe this is newbie advice, but she has been very helpful for me. Especially with expanding on definitions of terms. It’s really amazing.

Sam Altman said it was dangerous to name your AI. That could also mean that you shouldn’t give it pronouns as well. Don’t get too attached and look at it as a human. :laughing:

Search in YT, you will find lots of great videos from various experts across globe. I found it useful during my learning phase.

haha! Funny I did that with out even realizing. I could say that we have already done that with Siri and Alexa. Its inevitable that people will be naming and personifying her. Have you listened to the podcast, “Your Undivided Attention”? Super interesting. They cover a lot on AI. Start episode 62. :slight_smile:

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