Anyone use their home rigs for work?

Just built a PC that blows my work computer out of the water in terms of computing power and speed, and it got me thinking about how much more productive I could be if I was able to run some of my heavier scripts/tools from work on it. My company has pretty tight InfoSec, but I do have a soft token for VPN on my personal phone, so I do know they do allow personal devices to be used in that capacity.

I’m curious if anyone out there has done something like this before? Or maybe the takeaway is I should just request a more powerful work computer.

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It’ll be in your contract. It might be totally fine, but normally the answer is no because the company has much less oversight if you are outside their systems. Use common sense here: ideally don’t use a personal machine for work. Insurance is a big thing: if something goes wrong on company machines then they will be covered, on yours not so much. There are also legal ramifications for the company if you lose/expose/mess up customer data that are much harder to solve if you’re not using company controlled machines. If you have IT then normally they will (with very good reason) throw a fit. Also what happens if you expose your personal data to the company (as a very obvious example, what happens if you watch porn whilst accidentally connected to the work network. Or, less embarrassingly, download a large Steam game. Etc etc).

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