Anyone Using Only Plain CSS?

Anyone using only plain CSS to create Web Design Projects on FCC as recommended?

I don’t really understand the question. What projects and who has recommended that?

If you are talking about the fCC projects. I would suggest using plain CSS to learn as much as possible. That is unless you already know what you need to know and just want to not have to deal with it. Use a CSS framework or not, whatever works for you.

I use plain CSS all the time, you don’t ever need to use a CSS framework. But it can be nice every now and then to not have to think about it and just use some pre-made CSS. Especially with component libraries. The only problem is you often do not get what you want and have to write new CSS or overwrite styles. So it can feel like you get something for free but it isn’t what you really wanted.


Yes, the FCC projects.
Where do I go to use the plain CSS? is the the correct location for plain CSS? where it has the HTML, CSS, and JS?
or do you use Github for plain CSS?
Where can I get the CSS framework? Pre-made CSS and the component libraries?

If you’re learning, don’t use premade code. Simple stuff like boilerplates are fine, but you need to actually understand premade CSS before you can use it.

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