Anyone wanna take a look at my portfolio?

Here’s my portfolio. I’d like to give the thumbnails a more consistent visual style once I have better projects in them. I’m new to Bootstrap and can get lazy when it comes to media queries, so if anything sticks out in those areas, be harsh, it’s cool. Thanks!

You’re off to a really good start! Something that may help with getting your layout together since you dont yet have content to put in your portfolio is placeholder images. Give this a look: or … and if you like kittens, heres another one. :smiley:

Im guessing Kevin578 git account you have linked in your portfolio is you? Dont forget to update your social github link! Right now it just goes to the main github page.

Oops. I actually did put in photos of my projects - I just made the mistake of not changing the sharing settings on Google photos so that other people can see them. I also forgot that what I see on is different than what others see. Everything should be set now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I also may have to use a few placeholder kittens in the future.

Ohh it looks so much nicer with photos! lol Yup, looks good! I realize now though that besides your wordpress site, you only have links to your guthub for your projects… do you also have a link to a demo of your other projects by any chance?

Not yet. Those were just some projects I was working on and were hosted locally. I could move them to Codepen, but I’ll be replacing them anyways once I have some more complex stuff to show off.

Okay sounds good… I was asking not only about having a live link to see them, but also just in case you dont have hosting… I finally looked into yesterday and was going to suggest that in case you need hosting for your projects.

Thank you so much for that link. I’ve been trying to find some kind of free hosting for my projects but had only been able to find a bunch of sketchy services that don’t work well. I love how efficient and clean everything is with Surge. Gonna upload my other sites and make some updates!

Ohh so good to hear!! Glad it will help you out :smiley: