Anyone want a video tutorial on anything?

For anyone interested, I’m willing to make a video YouTube tutorial for anyone who feels lost in regards to making a basic project or game but doesn’t know where to start.

Let me know.


A guide to html5 canvas would be helpful. Maybe something simple like making a block move with the arrow keys.

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Javascript Regular Expressions and Responsive Design would be perfect.

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it’ll be good if you made something that

  1. was NOT already out there

  2. or is much 100x BETTER than what is out there

or simply,


  2. WAY WAY Much More Helpful/Useful/Better

Any suggestions on making how to make something 100x better? I’m sure most of everything is already out there, but it may just be low quality or spoken by a guy with choppy English.

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if you could explain how to make my AI in tic tac toe smarter…minmax algorithms. all i can do is make the ai do a predictable move set. check the middle then the corners then the other spots and take the first available…i would love to understand how to make the ai incrementally smarter…like what constitutes a medium difficulty what constitutes hard etc.

i am no dummy but these things are beyond me at this point

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I would appreciate if you would make a tutorial on various sidebar transitions

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Devguru, so explain how to use the library?

Tutorial on Regular Expressions including how to use online tool to validate/test the expressions would be really helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey gulu1, I created a basic tutorial on regex in javascript. Let me know if you have any feedback on how I can improve my videos:

Hey atan4583, I created a basic tutorial on regex in javascript. Let me know if you have any feedback on how I can improve my videos:

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Thank you! Good luck my friend, i will give you my feedbacks

Thank you so much, codyseibert, The contents is good, I like it very much, man ! :+1:

Could you tell me what IDE you use to test the regex in Javascript ? is the web app. Atom is the editor. Then I use node to run the js.

Hey Ben, I’ll make a part 2 when I get a chance and maybe do a whiteboard example to cover minmax for you.

for now, this is laying the ground work of the project I will build upon in the next video:

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Unit testing in JS! Is it possible?

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Yeah, I can try to make a simple video for you when I get some time

I would love for someone to help me understand loading of projects into differing editor programs. I’ve tried to pull up different saved projects into different editors(i.e. Atom) and the projects don’t even show up in the files!..i’m not sure if it’s because they were initially saved as .html or if the extensions even have anything to do with it.
Maybe an intro vid on how/why to save projects a certain way so that they can be recognized by all programs? is that even an option or do they HAVE TO be saved with specifying extensions?
Thanx, Marty Young

I’m not sure what you mean. In atom, you should just be able to go to file - add project folder. That will add the folder into the editor which you can then navigate like a typical file browser.

A guide to API’s & how to get info from them would be nice. Thanks!

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