Anyone want to build a Magic the Gathering League Application?

HI All!
I’m looking for some volunteer help on a personal coding project I am trying to build and wanted to see if anyone wanted to help. Im opening it up to anyone. If you know some basic javascript, html, css or even better if you are familiar with Node.js , React, Linux server, databases and so on. The only requirements are that you are kind and curious to other people on the project.

The project is a Magic the Gathering League Application. If you have never played, its a card game. My “goal” is to first create a MVP that allows a group of players to Track their league score over a time and talk smack to each other over a message board :). Long term goal is to develop it out into a full deck editor as well as a league application complete with a mobile app.

I thought it would be interesting to tackle this project as a real development team would. In a hope to help people who are new to the field get an idea of what its like to engineer software from the ground up.