Anyone want to pair program?

Does anyone want to pair up and create a real world application together? I’m a senior university student studying computer science and I want experience. I’m mostly interested in web development and ios/android applications. Proficient in html,css, javascript/react and have experience with firebase and aws

I’d prefer if you reside in the US so the timezones arent out of line and you have similar interest. If so, please dm me!

Hello there,
I want to work on face recognition based attendance system for students and employs. Can you help me in this project. I will discuss each and everything related to my project. I will appreciate If you can help me.
Regards: Maria Cleh.

Hi @MariaCleh and @cameronkc !

Welcome to the forum!

I am going to close this post and encourage you guys to continue this conversation through private message.

Also, if anyone else comes this post and wants to pair program with @cameronkc then please private message them.