Anyone want to take a survey for a class?

Hey everyone. I figured I would ask here to get an even broader sampling size. I have a short (5 question) survey about button design and if I could have a few people fill it out that would be a tremendous help. Thank you!

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Survey completed! The pictures are a little hard to see on a desktop though. Just a heads up.

Thanks for filling it out! And thanks for letting me know! I’ll get right on it.

Perhaps the images could be a little bigger for a pc. I had problems determining which screen I would prefer.
But I think it will look great on mobile…

Thank you for helping! I’m actually having trouble making the screens bigger, I’m not sure I can make them bigger? I’m going to try and make the screens a better resolution…

I think you’re right. Using Google Form and calling that image is a forced w=260.

I’m not used to working with templates for that reason.

You can try to change the url of each image to read “w=480” and see if that helps. But I’m not sure how it will handle on smaller screens.

I was able to get at least the minimum number of respondents so I won’t worry about this one too much. If I do something like this in the future, I will probably have two choices per question and hopefully that will work or try A/B testing through Javascript?

I’m glad you got what you needed.

I would probably try A/B testing through JavaScript. But I’m a bit of a control freak…