Anyone want to work with me on PHP

That was my main language for years. I heard some people do not like it. Can anyone tell me why.

I am confused how I can used GitHub to collaborate on a PHP project. I know it pretty well so I could help someone with the coding.

Well, I am interested in learning more php, but unfortunately my schedule to too chaotic to allow working with someone else.

But on your question as to why people don’t like php…

Rather than go through the list of common complaints about php (a simple google search of “why people hate php” will turn up many), I think it’s fair to say that every language has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Every computer language I’ve learned, I have complaints about. And some more than others. But it’s subjective. It’s like arguing about who has the best pizza. One person’s bad pizza is another persons feast.

Don’t worry about it. If you like it, then do it.

I think a more important questions is - What language will land me a job? Php is a fairly good one in that respect. But most professional coders wouldn’t just know php.

I would love to learn PHP!

People dislike it because of bigotry in general. They listen someone saying its
bad and believe it without even trying!

let me know if you want to share your php skills!