Anyone wanting to get Code Reviews on your learning projects?

I am starting a project to provide Code Reviews to people learning to code. If you are starting on the path of software development and is building something as a way to learn, you are the kind of person that I want to help.
My idea is that Code Review is a great learning tool that wanna-be developers do not have access to. I want to start something that offers that.

I wrote a blog post about the idea:

No need to read it all, as it is mostly about the concept of CR as a learning tool and less about this project. But if you are interested in receiving code reviews on your learning project, fill the form at the end of blog post (or message me here with your email).


The idea of a Code Review website is interesting, though I believe similar things already exist. Maybe you could target it towards novice and junior developers.

Code Review is what the Project Feedback section of the forum does very well.

That’s exactly my idea, target novice and junior developers.

Great job. This can be a great idea - specially for beginners. You can try adding features as you evolve your Enterprise. It’ll be a great hit.

All the best for your ambitions,

Yes and no. That section is overwhelmed with too many feedback requests. Personally, I posted my Simon project in the Feedback section a week and a half ago and haven’t heard a peep.

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