Anyone who is past learning process and in the project making process. Wanna work as a team of 2?

You learned the essentials that you think are enough to start building projects and start working but… Before you try applying for jobs, you need to make some projects. Some real websites not just small snippets of code. But doing it all by yourself as a beginner… is a bit intimidating and hard.

If there’s is anyone that is also in the same situation as me? Why not combine forces and work together? We can cover each other’s weaknesses and teach each other which will benefit both of us, not to mention save time and get the project done faster. And use it for portfolio later.

The portfolio that i did for freecodecamp not that long ago has the projects that i did back when i only knew front-end
(p.s portfolio is a bit outdated, since i now also do backend)
It really isn’t enough to impress anyone at a job interview (not even close), so instead of those small snippets of code, i want to make an actual project,both front end and backend, multiple pages,lots of functionality, lots of code…

I have some ideas for projects we can start with.

If you are interested drop me a DM. I only need one person, so whenever i get one, i’ll close the thread.

It might help if you provide a link to one or two things you’ve completed so far that are good indicators of your ability as a developer at this point, even if it’s just a project that you completed for, say, the fCC Responsive Web Design Certification.

Thanks a lot, i knew i forgot something -)