Anyone with experience/information/resources on the ServiceNow platform?

A friend of mine happens to be a head of employment at a large IT solutions firm, and recently offered me the opportunity to study and eventaully work for her company working in the ServiceNow platform. After showing her some of my work (Im almost done with the last full-stack project) she told me my coding skills are more than sufficient, and that after learning how to use the platform I should fit right in.

My question though is that I have no idea what ServiceNow is, what it does, or what it’s for. She let me get in contact with some of the developers at her company and they all just gave me vague answers that it’s some enterprise IT content-management system. The resources on their site have been no help either. The system itself seems to be geared more toward people with IT backgrounds than typical programmers; all this talk of “Software as a service” and “Cloud-computing CMS.”

Does anyone here happen to know anything about the platform, or can point me to any resources where I can learn. I’m a high school student so getting this kind of opportunity right out of high school would be amazing for me so I don’t wanna pass it up.

I have no experience with it. But if I found myself in that scenario I would dive in here…!/home

If you click on ‘Learn’ it looks like they have docs and getting started guides at varying levels of detail.