Anything new needed to imported PropTypes?

solved, but still have a question…

Is there something I should be doing with the info that " Note: As of React v15.5.0, PropTypes is imported independently from React, like this: import PropTypes from 'prop-types';" ?

I passed the challenge without dealing with this, but not not sure if I’m missing something. I am running v16.13.1, according to

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No, this is only an information.

Before this specific version, the prop types were included in the core React packages. Because probably only 1% used them, they got moved into a separate package, so that the remaining 99% didn’t have to have the useless code in their projects.

Nowadays many developers use TypeScript to handle static typing with React.

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TypeScript then. I suppose I should figure out what that is exactly. :slight_smile:

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