API Project: Timestamp Microservice ho to start?

it looks so complicated that it has discouraged me from continuing with the freecodecamp. This course does not prepare the student for these projects. In html, I will simply make a reference to js file <src = “app.js” </ script>, but here what? How? I’ve looked at previous projects, and it’s terrible to do a reverse engineer. package json about splice serve.js and server.js so it probably refers to the application file var myApp = require(’./myApp’);, but should not it be in the course? Because I do not know, what will be the standard and whether it was not only in this project.
So am I correct I just have to take the root of time= date .now as get? and add second parameter natural?

I presume the solution is like that and I am stuck on dummy step.

var time = Date.now()
app.get("/"+time, function (req, res) {
  res.json({utc: time});

app.get("/"+ time..getTime(), function (req, res) {
  res.json({unix: time..getTime();});

You get the time from the client as a route parameter, make whichever calculation you need to, and send it back as json.

Why you answer to not a point of question?
I just look how not put down solutions in server.js

Take it easy. Your question is difficult to understand.

Do this lesson on modularizing your code.

the solution is here https://electric-preface.glitch.me

What am I supposed to be seeing here?

I already done. but I wanted the solution in separate .js

Then you want to modularize your code.

I am so understand your Do this lesson on modularizing your code diff.
This is not have head and foot , why in hell is after the project and in really close to end of 6/6? I am really piss off.

The project doesn’t require you to modularize your code, so you can’t really be upset that you haven’t learned it yet.

The all test before says don’t write solution in server.js and now is missing. So they cause.