API Projects review

HI guys!!! I have finished the mini-services and I would like to know what do you think about it. May concerns are related to:

  • Modularization of the app
  • Routing
  • Access DB

This is my first back-end project and I am quite excited about it.
P.D. I know that the instructions says that one should make one github and heroku repository, but I founded better to have everything together :frowning: hope it is okey :wink:

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes some time to help me, really thank you very much :blush:

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I rolled all of my API projects into one app as well, so if it’s not OK, we’re both screwed.

Can you link your GitHub repo here so we can take a peek at your code?

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Thanks man, does it show always this github preview??

If you paste in the bare URL, yes. But you can put it up as a link

[GitHub Link](https://github.com/yhabib/fcc_api_projects)

This markdown code in the forum will show up like so: GitHub Link

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:open_mouth: thanks again :smiley:

Everything looks really great! It’s clean and easy to read. I’m actually tempted to go clean up my own projects as I left the routing a hot mess.


I have packed my microservices in one app too (want to see it ? it’s here), I don’t think you have to worry about that.
I like your project structure, and adding the db object to the request with a middleware function is a good solution.

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Thanks, I am starting now with the vote-app and your words help to move forward with confidence!! :smiley:

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Woou, I like it very much. The icons are soo cool! And I didn’t know about gomix :open_mouth:

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Looks great! You probably want to fix typo on page title: ie microsvervice should be microservice