API to excel not showing data

Hello im trying to get the data from API and save to excel using python but after executing script execl file is created but no data is showing in file

import requests
import base64
import openpyxl

def pull_email_list():
    base_url = 'https://ID_Calamari.calamari.io/api/'
    username = 'calamari'
    password = 'API_KEY

    # Choose data from
    date_from_global = '2024-01-01'
    date_to_global = '2024-12-31'

    # Get a list of employees from API
    req = 'employees/v1/list'
    response = get_post_response(req, {"page": 0}, username, password, base_url)
    list_length = response['totalPages']

    employee_info = []

    for i in range(list_length):
        response = get_post_response(req, {"page": i}, username, password, base_url)
        employees = response['employees']

        for employee in employees:
            holidays = pull_public_holidays_for_employee_dates(employee['email'], date_from_global, date_to_global, username, password, base_url)
            for holiday in holidays:
                employee_info.append([employee['email'], holiday['name'], holiday['start'], holiday['end']])

    return employee_info

def pull_public_holidays_for_employee_dates(employee_email, date_from, date_to, username, password, base_url):
    req = 'holiday/v1/find'
    data = {
        'employee': employee_email,
        'from': date_from,
        'to': date_to
    response = get_post_response(req, data, username, password, base_url)
    return response

def get_post_response(req, data, username, password, base_url):
    auth_header = 'Basic ' + base64.b64encode((username + ':' + password).encode()).decode()
    headers = {'Authorization': auth_header, 'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
    response = requests.post(base_url + req, headers=headers, json=data)
    return response.json()

def write_to_excel(data, filename):
    wb = openpyxl.Workbook()
    ws = wb.active
    ws.append(['Employee Email', 'Holiday Name', 'Start Date', 'End Date'])
    for item in data:

def main():
    employee_info = pull_email_list()
    write_to_excel(employee_info, 'calamari_leave_data.xlsx')
    print("Data has been successfully saved to calamari_leave_data.xlsx")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Any help??

I hope you have the closing quote here in your code

what have you tried for debugging?