Apis And Microservices Certification [SOLVED]

I want to jump to this certification, but it starts requesting to check the “Glitch project”, which is not located on any of the previous Certifications, but on “Take home projects”. Is this correct? Should I complete that project first to continue with the As&Ms certification?

Working on these challenges will involve you writing your code on Glitch on our starter project. After completing each challenge you can copy your public Glitch url (to the homepage of your app) into the challenge screen to test it! Optionally you may choose to write your project on another platform but it must be publicly visible for our testing.

Introduction to Basic Node and Express Challenges

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Thank you for your reply.
I’m still confused regarding the order of the challenges. You linked me to Introduction to Basic Node, but these ones are still after A&M in order. Is not clear to me what’s expected from me to do. Do I have to build a whole node+express app in order to print Hello World and pass the challenge? It seems to me the introduction to Glitch is not very friendly.

What are you talking about? The Basic Node and Express Challenges are part of the APIs and Microservices section and before the projects. You can do the challenges and projects in whatever order you want. As it says, you can use a different platform than Glitch if you want.

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For these challenges we used to have c9 in the past, no?

This is my code so far. I can see in the log both console logs, but it wont pass FCC. Can you help me please?

const express = require('express');
const app = express();


app.get('/', function(request, response) {
  console.log("Hello World");
  response.send("Hello World");

const listener = app.listen(process.env.PORT, function() {
  console.log("Hello World");
  console.log('Your app is listening on port ' + listener.address().port);

Dear Ariel, should I create a new thread for my current issue? I can’t make FCC to acknowledge my code.
Thank you for your support.

Make sure that you’re submitting the correct link. You need the link to view the project, not the one to edit it.

When you’re having an issue with your code, you’ll generally get more help if you create a thread specificly for your question, yes.

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