APIs and Microservices prerequisites

HI, quick question about curriculum.

I intend to do the back end module APIs and Microservices. I’ll be starting from the begining including javascript. Can I safely skip the fronend modules? Or is it a must to do Frontend & Data visualisation to follow along?

The Data Visualization block is definitely not needed to start on the back-end modules. It’s possible to go from JavaScript algorithms and data structures right to APIs and microservices, but one should at least try to understand what one is attempting to build and who will consume the finished product when one is doing the projects. For example, one could consume the API one has built oneself and integrate it with one’s own front end, or one could expect a front-end developer to consume the API. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people go through those projects and are satisfied enough if their code spits out the correct JSON.

Good luck.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I intend to connect IOT devices on the other side, that’s why I wanted to skip it. I now see your point. Thanks again.

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