API's for an Eccommerce app

Hello everyone, I am a flatiron bootcamp student building my final project and I wanted to create an eccommerce website.

If anyone has any experience building their own eccommerce website, can you please recommend some useful API’s or Libraries that you think will make the process easier.

The App will use a Rails Backend with a React Frontend.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there,

great work making it to the final project.

Your description is currently very vague.

Is the Rails backend already set up or do you have to build it from scratch?
What are the requirements for it?

Oh sorry for not making it more clear, the backend is not set up yet, but I plan on having a database schema consisting of the following tables:

  • Customer
  • Order
  • Product
  • PaymentOption|
  • Purchase
  • Review
  • Category

I was just asking if there were any libraries or gems that would be for eccommerce development in general.

For example, I know I can use the Stripe API to help out with the process of payment.

As for the project requirements they are listed below

  • Auth
    *Server Side Validation
  • Web Sockets or Email integration
  • Redux
  • Use of Custom CSS

Top Essential eCommerce APIs
Whois lookup

Thank you for this @Smith_Johnes