App/Web App Idea...Which framework?

I want to build an app for EMS treatment protocols. The primary use would be for crews to be able to access the protocol during patient care in a quick mobile format. For instance, they could select “Cardiac” and then the corresponding medications/procedure would be provided. I would also like to include quick reference/phone numbers etc under a different section.

The protocols could either be presented as PDFs or built in “flowchart”. From my limited experience, this type of app should be fairly easy and uncomplicated. I considered using RoR but I am wondering if that is the best route.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Do you have any experience in any particular technologies like RoR or Node? I would use what you are most comfortable with. If you are new to back-end coding, you may find Node to be a good fit.

I finished the One Month Rails course and built a couple of web applications during the course. However, I would said that I am still very much a beginner because I learned a lot of great information but having a class that is over in a month doesn’t allow you to get into the fundamentals.
I am still working on front end development. I guess I am looking to see if I should focus on a certain technology to move forward with this project. I appreciate your feedback and I will definitely look into NODE.


If you have some experience in Rails, I am not sure I would jump on the Node bandwagon simply because freeCodeCamp uses it. My advice: pick one technology and stick with it until you learn it well. If you are working on the front-end now, perhaps a good question to ask would be, Do I even need to create my own server? If you are simply showing treatment protocols and some phone numbers, why do you necessarily need a back-end?

I don’t know that I need a back end…I am just needing to make sure I am using the correct avenue to get this accomplished.

If you need to generate PDFs, you can use jsPDF.js. It turns HTML webpages into PDFs.

The leading HTML5 client solution for generating PDFs. Perfect for event tickets, reports, certificates, you name it!

I agree with @IsaacAbrahamson. Use the tools and frameworks you are comfortable with. Regardless if it’s Rails, Node, PHP or whatever programming language.

Instead of creating a separate mobile app, you can create a responsive designed website that is mobile compatible.