Apparently I killed Codepen?

I was trying to get figure out how to make an AJAX request for the Wikipedia Viewer project (I still have trouble with AJAX conceptually), and somehow I managed to write code that kills the page in Chrome, Firefox doesn’t have a problem. (edit: but in chrome) It tries to load for a few seconds and then it crashes. I can’t even access my ‘pens’ page anymore. it just crashes (again, in Chrome). I’m just a beginner, and I have no idea how I did this. I can access every other part of Codepen just fine. I can even access my other pens if I use the direct link.

Here’s the links: Wikipedia Viewer

My Pens: link

Is this happening for you guys? Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? What exactly did I do?


Edit: It’s definitely something to do with the AJAX code, I made a fork in firefox and deleted that code, and that fork works in chrome, too. I’m dying of curiosity here!

Edit2: Did some more tinkering on Firefox, and it looks like the all I have to do to crash chrome is leave the quotes off one of the request parameters:

data: {action: ‘query’, list: ‘search’, srsearch: ‘’, format: ‘json’}, < this doesn’t crash Chrome
data: { action: ‘query’, list: search, srsearch: ‘’, format: ‘json’ }, <This does crash chrome

I’m still left wondering why this happens.

I try your code in chrome and worked for me, try to clear the browsing data and run your code again this might fix the issue.

I tried clearing browsing data. It didn’t do anything. No worries. I can fix it in Firefox anyway. I’m just intrigued as to why it happened at all.