Application type autocad with python

Hello everyone! I am industrial engineer I want to ask if is possible make an application type autocad with tinker and canvas or another library.

I want to know if is possible make a window with tinker and inside of tinker make another 3d window where the user can introduce lines and nodes, the lines could be beams for example to after make the calculus.


Hello! Welcome to the community :grin:!

I’m not even a novice in Python (I don’t use it, actually), but after reading what the package and library you mention are, I would say yes, it’s possible.

Take a look at blender. Though it’s not written in python, you can get ideas of how to do it (or learn C/C++ and modify blender).

Thanks for your answer friend, I think that it is possible too. I was looking another libraries like opengl and pyqt and there are many possibilities to do it, only I have to learn python and these libraries :grin:

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