Applied Accessibility 11/22 Question


Part 11 of the Applied Accessibility section asks us to replace a <div> tag with the <fieldset> tag.

Would it be proper as well if we didn’t replace the <div>, but simply added the <fieldset> inside the div, like this:

<!-- Add your code below this line -->

:arrow_forward: <div>
:arrow_forward: <fieldset>

<legend>What level ninja are you?</legend>
       <input id="newbie" type="radio" name="levels" value="newbie">
       <label for="newbie">Newbie Kitten</label><br>
       <input id="intermediate" type="radio" name="levels" value="intermediate">
       <label for="intermediate">Developing Student</label><br>
       <input id="master" type="radio" name="levels" value="master">
       <label for="master">Master</label>

:arrow_forward: </div>

      <!-- Add your code above this line -->

Just curious to see if that makes a difference for an accessibility user.

Thank you!


It won’t do anything bad (it won’t do much at all), but you’re just adding more HTML for no reason.

I figured, but always good to know! Thank you!