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i cant run the program but the code is right, it seems to pick the input if i change it to input1 but the rest still dont pick it up

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    <h2>Mortal Kombat Tournament Survey</h2>
      <p>Tell us the best date for the competition</p>
      <label for="pickdate">Preferred Date:</label>

      <!-- Only change code below this line --><input1 type="date" id="pickdate" name="date" >
      <!-- Only change code above this line -->

      <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit">
<footer>&copy; 2018 Camper Cat</footer>
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Challenge: Add an Accessible Date Picker

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There is no such element as input1 and when I switch it to just input your code passes all the tests.

Are you saying it fails for you with input? If so which test is failing?

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yes it fails with input but only input1 registers ,i put the pictures below on the error

well i cant put the other picture for some reason but the first part has a check with input1 instead of input


Remove the 1 and it and it passes.

If it DOESN’T pass after removing it, let us know. There may be something wrong with your browser.

OMG thank you so much, it was my browser i just switched to google chrome and it worked fine!

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Good. Keep this in mind in the future if something seems like it’s failing and it shouldn’t be.

And of course… You can come back here and hang out in the forums, if have any more questions.

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