Applied Accessiibility: Use Headings to Show Heirarchal Relationships on Content Bugged

I changed the h2 tags to h3s in this challenge, but the “Your code should have six h3 tags.” test isn’t passing, so I think this is bugged ATM.

Please share your attempted solution. (HTML code will not show up in the forum unless you format it. You can use the image button to format your code for the forum)

<h1>How to Become a Ninja</h1>
  <h3>Learn the Art of Moving Stealthily</h3>
  <p>How to Hide in Plain Sight</p>
  <p>How to Climb a Wall</p>

  <h3>Learn the Art of Battle</h3>
  <p>How to Strengthen your Body</p>
  <p>How to Fight like a Ninja</p>

  <h3>Learn the Art of Living with Honor</h3>
  <p>How to Breathe Properly</p>
  <p>How to Simplify your Life</p>

The tests are that there should be 6 h3 tags and that there should be no h5 tags. The challenge starts out with 6 h5 tags. The challenge does not tell you to remove the h2 tags.

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Ok, I see, it’s passing now. I think it’s sort of ambiguously worded, as opposed to coming right out and saying “Use consecutive heading tags when going down the chain of hierarchy”. Thank you!