Applied Visual Design: Modify Fill Mode of an Animation


I just did this challenge/lesson: Applied Visual Design: Modify Fill Mode of an Animation, and I’m not understanding how what I just learned there has a different result from setting the background-color of the a:hover.

Is there something I’m missing?

You’re right. Fading in a new background color when you hover over a link could be implemented just as well without an animation by setting a simple transition on the element.

So in this simple example the animation might seem like overkill. But if you were doing something more complex (e.g., changing multiple style properties at different points in time), you wouldn’t be able to implement that with a simple transition.

So basically, you’re right that an animation isn’t necessary for doing something as simple as this. But there definitely are cases where it would be necessary. Does that make sense?

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Yes, it does. Thank you!

I hope I get to one of those cases in the challenges soon.
Must keep going so all will be revealed. :crazy_face: