Applied Visual Design Stuck?

I am stuck in this Applied visual design part of the curriculum which is to create a horizontal line using the hr element. It ask me to put the hr in between the title and paragraph of the card, but every time I put it in between them, it says that I need to put it again when there is already one there and it doesn’t let me progress through the next lesson. Please anyone that know how to skip this part because it’s already done? And if I can contact the creators of this website to let them know that there is a bug in this part of the website

Yes, I just answered someone else that is stuck on that. Just go back to the curriculum and select the next lesson. Skip over it.

This is a known issue, and a suggested fix for progressing with the lesson may be found here: Trouble with "Create a Horizontal Line Using the hr Element" lesson

Their suggestion is in switching the <p> and the <em> tags.

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Thank you, now I can continue with lessons