Applied visual design tests not running


The test percentage bar stops at 25% on any of the visual design questions. I’ve restarted my computer, tried different browsers, and cleared the cache. Nothing works.



You mean the “25% Complete” that pops up after the successful completion of a challenge? That refers to how much of the unit you’ve completed, not to how much of that challenge you’ve completed.

No, the bar that scrolls from left to right stops at 25%. It indicates that my solution is correct, but will not scroll all the way across to allow me to move onto the next test question. I blazed through the first two sections of “Responsive Web Design”. Maybe there’s some sort of stop gap that won’t allow someone to cruise through a section. Seems odd, but I don’t know what else it could be. I jumped ahead to the “Flex Box” section and the scroll bar would only go to 6%. Didn’t matter which question I answered.

Right, that means that you’ve completed 25% of that section, not that specific challenge. Did you press “Submit and go to the next challenge”?

Interesting. Then why did it go to 100% for each question in the prior two sections?

I would not expect it to do that, unless you’ve reached the end. If it did that, it sounds like a bug. But I did the curriculum a long time ago so maybe I am misremembering.

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